Zhong Xin Dao - I Liq Chuan


Zhong Xin Dao Paris is a non-profit association dedicated to sharing the art of I Liq Chuan (literally translated as Mental-Physical Martial Art). The art cultivates consciousness based on Tai Chi and Chan (Zen) principles of non-assertion, non-resistance, harmony of yin and yang, oneness and the present moment. The art is also known as “The Martial Art of Awareness”. 

Zhong Xin Dao is the name of the training process developed by Grandmaster Sam Chin; the literal translation is Zhong – 中 – Center, Xin – 心 – Heart, and Dao – 道 – Path. 

As a system of Kung Fu, I Liq Chuan emphasizes the development of internal power through mental attitude and awareness. The training develops sticking and merging abilities, circular spiral energy, Chin Na, F’a Jing, Chi Kung (qigong), and most importantly, integration of the mind’s complete awareness in the present moment.

Weekly classes are in English, with french translation when needed.

The latest schedule, cancellations, and extra classes are listed on our Google Galendar.

Want to try it out? You are welcome come to just drop in on a class to see how you find it - the first 2 classes are free. 

Everyone is welcome, no previous experience is needed, but if you have something you are particularly interested in (e.g. martial arts, meditation, chi gong, awareness, feel free to ask questions).

No special clothes are needed, but we do some standing meditation exercises, and we train outside (under cover if it rains), so make sure to dress appropriately for the weather.

If you have any trouble finding us, feel free to call me - Lucas Dixon, the instructor - on +33 648136124

Lunchtime class location: just outside the Cafe of Fondation Pernod Ricard, 2 Cr Paul Ricard, 75008 Paris. 

We train outside in front of the cafe, but there is some cover if it rains or snows.

Evening class location: just outside the cafe of La Petite Halle, in the garden.

We train outside in the shade of the trees on the path behind the outside cafe area, or if it rains, in the covered area between La Grande Halle and La Petite Halle.

Registering and paying for classes: 

Registered members of the global I Liq Chuan organization ($60 / year; or $30 for full time students) get:

Instructor: Lucas Dixon (Student level 6, Instructor level 2). 

Email Contact: lucas.dixon@iliqchuan.com

To get email announcements about forthcoming workshops, join our google email group.

We have a WhatsApp group for last minute class changes and weekly updates. Message Lucas if you'd like to be added.

Annual General Meeting and Party: Every year we have an association general meeting, and a party. It's organized and shared on the WhatsApp group.

To learn more, ask on our Facebook Page, or send Lucas a SMS/WhatsApp/Signal/Telegram on (+33) 06 48 13 61 24. 

Lucas' instructor 1 grading in Oregon, 2018.

Invited Seminars: throughout the year we are fortunate to have invited seminars from Instructors including Joshua Craig, Hsin Chin and Grandmaster Sam Chin. Follow our Facebook page or join Google email group to get announcements (about once every 3 months).